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Freeaim VR Shoes FAQs

1 / How does the Freeaim VR Shoes work? Can you run in them?

The omnidirectional Freeaim VR Shoes have powerful motors that keeps a user within a small play space. In addition there will be foot tracking, haptics feedback and Bluetooth connection to ensure compatibility with many existing PC VR games. 

Currently the first version of the Freeaim VR Shoes are intended for walking. Our intention is to eventually release a version suitable for running.

2 / Are the Freeaim VR Shoes slippery like roller skates? Is it safe?

The Freeaim VR Shoes are stable during wear, similar to walking on a normal gym treadmill. The innovative technology allows users to have a natural walking experience.

Safety in the Freeaim VR Shoes is one of our priority. We have safety checks in both the software and hardware throughout. There will also be an optional walking support frame for added reassurance. 

3 / How do they compare to existing Slidemills? Will the Freeaim VR Shoes work on a carpet?

Walking on slidemills has been described as an 'ice skating feeling' and 'confined in a dish and pushing awkwardly against it' due to the feet sliding in any direction which would not occur with normal walking. Struggle against the harness which keeps the user in place gives an unnatural feeling.

The Freeaim VR Shoes utilise powerful motors ensuring you remain in position. This gives a user the most real way of natural walking.

The Freeaim VR Shoes are to be used on a hard floor surface. For carpet use, there will be an option to purchase a floor mat. 

4 / What is the weight limit? Is it comfortable to wear?

Testing is still underway at this stage. Our target is to ensure all weights are represented up to 120kg. 

Current images are based on the prototype but they are already very comfortable. The shoes feel like wearing a boot or leather shoes. You are able to bend your foot and no movement is restricted. 

The commercial version of the shoes will be ergonomic and comfortable, with a range of adult sizes available. 

5 / What will they cost? How can I buy them? Is it possible to get a demo?

Our goal is to have the Freeaim VR Shoes as affordable as possible for everyone to be able to experience the most real and immersive walking. At this stage we are unable to provide prices but they will be much more affordable than existing systems like slidemills. 

We will announce the Freeaim VR Shoes release as soon as we can. Please subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to be kept up to date.

Demos are only currently open to selected media, businesses and investors at this stage. Please follow us on our social media so you could come visit us at the Expos that we would be exhibiting and see the Freeaim VR Shoes in real life. 

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