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Freeaim VR Shoes

Fed up of using joystick controls to teleport?

Frustrated by immersion breaking?

Limited space?

Current systems does not feel realistic?

A convenient and portable accessory is important?

Looking for an affordable locomotion system?

Freeaim VR Shoes is the solution for you.


The most real and immersive way to walk in virtual reality without limits.

Meet Freeaim VR Shoes

Compatible with any VR Headset supported by SteamVR and works with most games/apps that have joystick movement.



Natural Feeling

  • Strap in and start walking

  • Feel comfortable and natural in just a few steps

  • Stepping in any direction including side stepping possible

  • No harness needed


Stable and Safe

  • Feels like walking on a Gym Treadmill

  • Freeaim VR Shoes does not roll or slide

  • Safety checks built in throughout software and hardware


Small area required

  • Play in your office or living room

  • Only a small play space is required
    (approx. 2m x 2m)

  • Hard flooring required. Optional floor mat for carpets



  • More competitively priced against other
    consumer VR Treadmills (Slidemills)


Light and Compact

  • Compact and easy to store away

  • Transportable in a small carry case

Features that you'll love

Freeaim VR Shoes, VR Locomotion, VR Treadmill, Walking in VR
Quick Swapable Battery

For continuous use

Customisable fit

Rear heel slides to accommodate different feet size


Wireless with companion app

Omnidirectional wheel bases

Provides lateral motion and enables positional correction

Positional centering

Innovative technology allowing user to stay in the centre of playspace

When can I buy the VR Shoes?

We are working as quick as we can to commercialisation.

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