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VR Shoes



​Our innovative VR Shoes let you walk naturally in VR across infinite distances and in any direction, while keeping you safely inside a small area.

Our aim is to provide incredible immersion, ease of use and affordability, bringing realistic VR movement to gaming, fitness, training and more!

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Freeaim VR Shoes

​Why are high-tech VR Shoes the solution to VR locomotion ?

  1. No harnesses or large treadmill required!

  2. Lightweight, comfortable and very compact

  3. Extremely immersive natural walking experience:

    • Feels similar to a Gym Treadmill​

    • Keeps the user within a small space using omnidirectional positional correction technology​

  4. ​More affordable than a VR Treadmill ( Slidemill )

Freeaim's VR Shoes have more in common with a Tesla than you may think.

It's an intelligent autonomous robotic vehicle miniaturised into a Shoe!

Safety and testing is core to our design principals:

  • Robust hardware & software architecture includes extensive fault detection and error handling

  • VR Shoes cannot roll or slide-away, even when unpowered

Meet Freeaim's VR Smart Shoes

Compatible with any VR Headset supported by SteamVR and works with most games/apps that have joystick movement.
Freeaim VR Shoes, VR Locomotion, VR Treadmill, Walking in VR

Connect wirelessly with Bluetooth to your PC or stand-alone Headset

Durable Rubber Treadmills

Provide high traction and stability

Flexible wheels provide suspension

Quick Swapable Battery

~2hr per charge

Omni-directional Wheel Bases

Provides lateral motion and enables positional correction, which allows the user to stay in the centre of their play space.

Soft and Comfortable Sole

Rear Heel slides to accomodate different foot sizes.

Built-in absolute positional tracking

No external base stations or trackers required:

This enables future compatibility with standalone Headsets not tethered to a PC.

Powerful motors

Supporting a fast walk, with the option to scale up movement in game.

Not just a CAD Model...
Freeaim VR Shoes, VR Locomotion, VR Treadmill, Walking in VR
Our technology road-map includes:
Foot Tracking, Advanced Haptics and Kinetic Feedback, all of which will be enabled through an SDK we are developing.

What is Kinetic Feedback you ask... Well, imagine a building explodes in front of you (while in VR of course), the VR Shoes can move you back a little, not so much that you feel unstable, but enough that the sound, visuals and movement combined makes that explosion feel more real, plus the Haptics in the VR Shoes will make the ground shake too; so all together this creates a truly immersive experience.
Meet VR Shoes
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